How to: Change IP Address on Windows XP

created by BasicSysAdmin

Tags: Windows, Windows XP

Jun 04, 2016


In this guide, I will be showing you how you can change your internal IP address in Windows XP


In order to follow this tutorial, you will need the following

  • Windows XP

  • Changing your IP

    To change your IP Address on Windows XP, you must first go to the start menu and right click where it says ‘My Network Places’ and click properties.

    Once you have clicked ‘Properties’ a new window should open which should show your network adapters.

    If you then right click the name of the adapter of which you would like to change its IP Address and double click it.This should then open another new window.

    Scroll down until you find ‘Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)’ double click that to set your IP Address. (If you are using DHCP then you will need to click the ‘Use the following IP Address’ radio button). Enter the information as required and click Ok to save it.

    If you would like to add more IP Addresses you can click the ‘Advanced…’ button and click the first ‘Add…’ button to add more.

    When you have finished adding the IP addresses you require, click Ok on each window to close it down and save the settings.